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Hrastik d.o.o.

Magistralni put bb

75270 ivinice

Bosna i Hercegovina

Tel: +387 35 775 478

Tel/Fax: +387 35 772 171

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Our busines and technology

Hrastik has been in business since 1951, first as an independent workshop, and later as a registered company which is involved in manufacturing and trade, as well as offering various services. While our primary activity is final wood processing, our tradition of good quality and meeting deadlines is the basis of our business policy. We owe our ability to produce quality products to our complete production line. We are not ashamed to say that we started out with obsolete machinery, but today we have an innovative woodworking production line, which includes a log-cutting process and automated wood dryers where we dry the carefully selected fir and juniper trees. We also have an Opticut component, which identifies defects in the wood; the Supra 3 automated element-joining machine; the Unicontrol 6 automated window-making machine; a sophisticated lacquering facility, complete with a dryer, etc.

Human resources

After five decades in business, we have learned that we first have to have top qualified workers, engineers, designers.... Every serious business is based on reliable human resources. Therefore, we have built our team with patience, gaining highly skilled and qualified employees and engineers who have extensive work experience in primary and final wood processing. In the future, we plan to continuously invest in development, education and training for our employees.


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